Bonded Foam Mattress Review

Bonded Foam Mattress Review

Sleep is the only thing that gives you peace after a long tiring day at work. A peaceful sleep takes away all of your tiredness and freshens you up along with rejuvenating and relaxing your mind.

But have you ever wondered that does your sleep get affected by the mattress you sleep on? Yes, it does! Even experts state the same!

Doing well the next day after a bad night’s sleep is almost next to impossible, until and unless we’re one of the Avengers, which we’re certainly not.

If you are having difficulty in sleeping and usually waking up restless, we think it’s time for you to change your old mattress and upgrade it into the perfect one.

So, if you’re looking for an affordable mattress with good features, there are a lot of options available. However, the bonded foam mattress is believed to be an ideal choice for some. Now you must be wondering why? Well, let’s discuss this.

What Is Bonded Foam Mattress?

What Is Bonded Foam Mattress

Bonded Foam Mattress is an excellent option for people wanting to buy a sturdy yet cozy mattress. Before diving into the details of Bonded Foam Mattresses, let’s get an idea about what exactly is a Bonded Foam. A Bonded Foam is usually a scrap polyurethane foam or PUF.

The polyurethane foam or PUF scraps are bound to each other under the influence of high pressure to create a hard substance. This hard substance is then utilized as base layers of a mattress turning it into a Bonded Foam Mattress.

These mattresses are seen to stay in shape for a long time and can be utilized on both sides i.e., soft on one side and hard on the other.

In recent years, due to the quality material utilized in its manufacturing, these mattresses have gained popularity among buyers. Besides, these mattresses are manufactured by a unique process of compression and regeneration.

A Bonded Foam Mattress is also called an orthopedic mattress (check out Ergo & Ortho Models from Flo Mattress) due to its ability to offer several health benefits as well as back support. These mattresses do not sag because of the hard base layer it is made up of.

Kurl-on, Springtek, Duroflex, Sleepwell and SleepX are some of the well known brands that offers best mattress with bonded foam.

Are There Any Types Of Bonded Foam Mattresses?

Are There Any Types Of Bonded Foam Mattresses?

In bonded foam mattresses, the bonded foam is available only in a single format. Nonetheless, the foam present on the top of the mattress that is supposed to provide comfort can be made up of 2 materials – PUF or memory foam.

The material Polyurethane comes from a highly diverse family of polymers or plastics. Poly-foam, or PUF as it is widely known, comprises compounds derived from petrochemicals. A PUF provides utmost comfort to everyone every day.

Polyurethane foam is the most cost-effective foam utilized to make mattresses. As they have a low density, poly-foams are easily compressible material.

PUF technology favors motion isolation and prevents the accumulation of dust and dirt. Memory foam is mainly made up of a polymer called polyurethane, an incredibly versatile plastic polymer.

Memory foams are also mentioned as viscoelastic or low-resistance polyurethane foam (LRPu). It was first implemented in the mid-1960s for utilizing in the NASA airplane seats. Viscosity and elasticity are the two primary properties of memory foam.

A lot of memory foam mattresses are known to be a combo of polyurethane foams that are usually layered densely on the bottom while decreasing the density of the layer towards the surface.

Advantages of Bonded Foam Mattress

Advantages of Bonded Foam Mattress

Let us now have a look into the advantages of using a Bonded Foam Mattress:

1. Comfort

Bonded Foam Mattress has proven to be a gift to people with existing body ache issues such as back and joint aches. It is rigid and firm to sleep on, however, it offers extreme support and surface contours around your body while you sleep.

Further, it helps in the relaxing of your shoulders and spine in particular. This is the reason one could utilize a Bonded Foam Mattress for Orthopedic and general comfort purposes.

2. Bodyweight Support

Two of the things that a Bonded Foam Mattress features that are excellent for bodyweight support are its elasticity of the surface and the bulk of the mattress.

For people who are a bit overweight, this mattress tends to support their pressure points and act as micro-springs, while being elastic and firm in texture. Therefore it can be considered as an ideal option for overweight and obese people in general.

3. Spinal Alignment

While the elasticity of the mattress supports the body weight of a person, it is also known for supporting the side and back sleepers by giving them relief in their back. Therefore, a Bonded Foam Mattress is believed to be ideal for people having severe backaches and medically diagnosed issues.

4. Motion Isolation

The Bonded Foam Mattresses are a perfect choice for light sleepers. Because these mattresses help in absorbing the motion and isolating it completely when you toss and turn.

The motion isolation of the mattress can be attributed to the shredded parts of the foams joint together in bonded foam. So, if you are a couple or someone who gets up earlier or goes to bed later than their partner, this mattress will solve your problem.

Bonded Foam Mattress Disadvantages

Bonded Foam Mattress Disadvantages

Now that you know the advantages of bonded foam mattresses, let us inform you about some Bonded Foam Mattress disadvantages:

1. Hot Mattress

While the Bonded Foam Mattress has a lot of good features, there is a feature that had given it a bad reputation and that is heat insulation. This can be a disadvantage or an advantage relying on the body type and climate but a majority of people don’t seem to like or prefer temperature isolation.

The heat usually gets trapped by the Bonded Foam and takes time to distribute. Due to which the person sleeping on it has a feeling of getting trapped in the mattress as it absorbs the person’s body heat subsequently retaining it.

2. Density And Form

The durability of a Bonded Foam Mattress is determined by the density of the bonded foam. And the density of the mattress further depends on the number of pieces and the material used in its manufacturing. It requires high-quality foam to form into a firm mattress that provides structural integrity.

Due to this reason, although glued together, the mattress can be seen to lose its structure and form up to some extent eventually. The mattress can last for 3 to 5 years without much damage if the material utilized is of good quality.

Bonded Mattress for Sleep and Back Pain

Bonded Mattress for Sleep and Back Pain

Based on statistics, we spend almost 1/3rd of our life on the bed. The spine is a very sensitive and important part of our body. A relaxed & comfortable spine and a good sleep go hand in hand. These mattresses provide ultimate comfort and lead to good uninterrupted sleep.

The mattress, by reducing the chances of uneasiness, gives good support to the lower back. Hence, a Bonded Foam Mattress serves to be an ideal choice for a peaceful sleep.

In the event that you are experiencing extreme pain in the back then this mattress is the best bed to treat it.

A Bonded Foam Mattress keeps your spine in its natural shape by retaining the structure of the mattress and not sagging from the middle.

It is the best fit for people spending their maximum time on PCs and laptops as it relaxes the back completely. Moreover, it releases muscle tension by giving additional support to the shoulders as well as the neck.

What to Look For When Buying a Bonded Mattress

The buyers should keep a few points in mind before buying a Bonded Foam Mattress:

Bonded Foam VS Memory Foam | How Do They Compare?

Bonded Foam VS Memory Foam | How Do They Compare?

It is safe to say that there is little or no difference at all between a memory foam mattress and a bonded foam mattress.

However, one fundamental difference might be regarding the material utilized in the manufacturing, while other factors are mostly the same.

When compared to each other in terms of support, it can be noted that the bonded foam cannot provide adequate support, whereas a memory foam, being elastic, is seen to give good body weight support.

It can adjust to your body weight and retain it more than bonded foam mattresses. Tests have shown that a memory foam mattress is way better than a bonded foam mattress in terms of warranty and comfort.

The warranty period of memory foam mattresses is believed to be double that of bonded foam mattresses.


Bonded Foam Mattress is one of the best options to depend on for daily use. These mattresses can be found in different forms and combinations which make them more attractive for people to buy it. These mattresses are durable, light-weight, firm, comfortable and most importantly these do not sag.

Bonded Foam Mattresses can be bought at an affordable price without having to compromise with the quality. It is also seen to be effective from an orthopedic point of view.

In case you are looking for a naturally sourced mattress, a Bonded Foam Mattress is what satisfies most people and is known to accommodate considerably a larger range of people’s personal choices than any other mattress.

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