Duroflex Mattress Review – All 5 Types Analysed

Duroflex Mattress Review

Humans spend almost one-third of their life sleeping which makes it a pretty big part of our lives. Your mattress plays a huge role in this one-third part of your life, and thus you must choose a good quality mattress for you and your family.

Cheap options may look good, but they gravely affect your health and give you lots of back problems and cheap mattresses not only cause physical problems, but they also get deformed faster, making you spend more than you thought you would save initially.

Purchasing a durable mattress will help you get a reliable companion for bed and save you lots on both mattresses as well as medical bills. Talking about durable mattresses comes with the mention of a very renowned brand named Duroflex.

Duroflex has been the number one trusted brand in the Indian market, and their premium quality products are a reason for their ever-growing customer base. In this Duroflex mattress review, we will be discussing the different types of Duroflex mattresses and informing you about how good they are.

Duroflex Mattress Comparison

DuropedicLiveInNatural LivingEnergiseEssential
Construction5-Zoned Orthopedic LayerMemory FoamLuxe feel fabric with organic cottonMemory FoamKnitted fabric with foam quilting
Thickness5 – 8 Inches6 Inches6 – 8 Inches6 – 12 Inches5 – 9 Inches
Technology5 Zoned Exclusive Orthopedic LayerTriple antimicrobial TreatmentResilient Pincore Latex Natural ventilationAnti stress FabricZero Motion Transfer
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Duroflex – A brief history about the brand


Duroflex is not only a mattress brand but a sleep solution brand. Duroflex is a brand that caters to the needs of an average Indian household.

They have been in business for the last five decades and have gained the trust of the entire nation with their unparalleled quality. They have also been given the contract to manufacture mattresses and battle seats for tanks by the government of India.

It definitely makes them one of the best brands out there as if their products are trusted by soldiers then who are we to question it. They have always pushed towards new technology for their products by investing heavily in research to find out the best types of material, right alignment and sizes for everyone.

They have made some great breakthroughs and brought some never seen technology to the Indian market. Some of the few advanced technologies with which they are leading in the industry are Anti Stress, 3-Zoned Active NRG Layer and QUBE Cell Technology.

Duroflex has expanded its already wide range line-up, making it accessible in every price and comfort range. With their versatile range, they have a quality mattress for every household while providing a key feature to your needs.

1. Quality

Quality of Duroflex Mattress

The brand is ISO certified (ISO 9001-2015), which removes even a shred of doubt on their quality. Duroflex has over 3000 stores across India, and they are a major exporter of mattresses.

A brand needs to be consistent with its product quality to compete in a cutthroat competition as people see their mattresses as a big investment.

Duroflex does not compromise on the quality of their product irrespective of their price range and prioritizes its customers, unlike other companies.

All these products come with a warranty of up to 10 years which shows the brand’s confidence in their product. It is always better to cover your mattress with a reliable mattress protector for easy cleaning and maintaining.

2. Types

Duroflex manufactures a range of mattresses for everyone’s needs. The mattresses differ in the material and technology it uses, providing a personalized experience to the user. Each of the range of mattress has the best quality and are ISO certified.

  • Duropedic – It is India’s first certified orthopaedic range of mattresses that are certified that are beneficial for people with back pain, joint pain or cervical pain.
  • LiveIn – Duroflex LiveIn is a roll packed mattress that comes in a vacuum-packed, easy DIY box setup. This medium-firm mattress is an ideal combination of support and plush comfort.
  • Nature Living – Made from natural and 100 per cent biodegradable material for the eco-friendly people who want to cut down on their carbon footprint
  • Energise – Energise is the mattress range for hard workers who need to wake up fresh in the morning. Equipped with advanced researched technology like anti-stress fabric, 3 Zoned Active NRG layer and Qube Cell Technology.
  • Essential – Priced for everyday bedroom, it is the go-to balance for price and exceptional comfort.

3. Certification

All the products by Duroflex are ISO certified (ISO 9001-2015). Both the Indian army and government have trusted Their superior quality products, and it reflects the reliability of their products.

In aspects of quality and raw materials, this brand overtakes any product you may come across in the sleep market. But if you still have doubts about this product, then you can always analyse all the information given in the product description.

For a better experience, Duroflex enlists all the information about the mattress to maintain transparency between customers and the company.

4. Firmness

  • Duropedic – Duropedic is a Medium-firm mattress range which is best suitable for people with back problems. It is the first certified orthopaedic mattress.
  • LiveIn – Duroflex LiveIn is a roll packed mattress that comes in a vacuum-packed, easy DIY box setup. This medium-firm mattress is an ideal combination of support and plush comfort.
  • Nature Living – Natural living range of mattresses are soft mattresses providing best of comfort. It is suitable for all the eco-friendly people who want to contribute to the environment without giving up on comfort.
  • Energise – Energise range of mattresses is a soft mattress range designed specially to have adequate rest. It comes equipped with anti-stress technology, 3 zoned active NRG layer and Qube cell technology to give you the good night sleep you’ll yearn for every day.
  • Essential – Essential range has medium-firm mattresses that provide the best of both the worlds – quality and price. It is the ideal mattress for a good quality sleep.

5. Trial Period

Trial Period of Duroflex Mattress

The LiveIn range of Duroflex mattresses come with more than three months of the trial period for you to decide if it is the perfect match for you. If you don’t like the mattress, then you can return it. This service is only available for LiveIn range for now.

This trial period helps you take your time to build your trust in the company as well as its products.

6. Warranty

Duroflex mattresses have a warranty up to 10 years which makes them truly a durable mattress. They are at par with their product quality as well as a warranty as, unlike other brands, they offer both trial period and a long warranty.

This warranty helps you to be assured that the company will exchange the defective product and you won’t feel cheated after investing your hard-earned money on the product.

Duroflex Mattress Review

In the next part of this Duroflex mattress review, we will be discussing the types of Duroflex mattresses mentioned before in more detail.

1. Duroflex Duropedic Mattress Review

The Duropedic mattress has a five zoned support system that cradles your body, taking away any discomfort during sleep. This support allows you to have perfect spine alignment and sleeping posture. It relieves all kinds of stress and strain on your body.

Each of the five zones of 5 zoned support distributes the weight equally giving different levels of support to your lower and upper body. The memory foam adapts according to your body shape, making the mattress personalized for your sleep.

The lush foam helps relieve the pressure and helps in deep blood circulation that gives you a deeply relaxing and rejuvenating sleep.

There are currently five options available in the Duropedic series of mattresses. These are – Duroflex Balance, Duroflex Black Magic, Duroflex Strength, Duroflex Empower and Duroflex Posture Perfect.

They are designed to suit different bodies, and you can even customize your mattress by selecting the amount of coil or foam used in the mattress. All the products are built to deliver great performance for a long time.


  • Only certified orthopaedic mattress
  • Recommended by National Health Academy
  • 5 zone support system and memory foam to fit your back


  • Not available in all sizes
  • Bit heavy

2. Duroflex Livein Mattress Review

LiveIn is a unique product and often known as a Do It Yourself or DIY Mattress. The mattress comes well-vacuumed in a rolled packed way. It is a medium firmness mattress that provides you with the right balance between comfort and support.

It is one of the most affordable mattresses that can be found in any market. The superior quality and long warranty make it a complete steal in this price range.

It has a memory foam which quickly adapts to your body and gives tailored support according to your body shape.

The fabric in LiveIn mattress comes with Triple antimicrobial technology which gets rid of those pesky fungi, bacteria or dust mites. The LiveIn series mattresses come with a 100 days trial period where you can decide whether the mattress is the perfect match for you or not.

You can rarely spot a mattress with so many features but if that is not enough for you then to seal the deal the LiveIn mattress range comes with a hundred days warranty that takes away the stress of investing in a product without knowing its performance.


  • Affordable Pricing
  • Stuffed with features like memory foam, Triple Antimicrob fabric
  • 100 day trial period and ten years warranty


  • Do It Yourself assembly might not be suitable for some people.

3. Duroflex Natural Living Mattress Review

Nature Living line of mattresses is for all the people who want to reduce their carbon footprint and help the environment while not giving up on the comfort.

Nature Living line of mattresses are made up biodegradable and 100 per cent natural material.

Latex, cotton, coir are some of the materials used in these mattresses to help you sleep closer to nature, the way it is intended to be.

The latex-based mattresses not only give you a luxurious and comfortable experience but also removes any exposure to nasty chemicals.

These chemical-free mattresses are a godsend to people who experience frequent allergies or have sensitive skin.

The latex comes from Kerala, which is the place from where Duroflex’s journey started. The use of organic cotton is not only a touch of nature, but it involves sleeping in luxury, giving you a transcendent sleeping experience.

High-density coir makes up one of the softest mattresses that you can find. It also has good ventilation which helps the mattress to stay cool, fresh and hygienic for a long time.


  • Eco friendly and biodegradable
  • High-density coir making for one of the softest mattresses
  • 100 per cent nature material like latex and cotton


  • High on price range, keeping it for the elite class.

4. Duroflex Energise Mattress Review

Energise is a mattress that focuses on just one thing that you feel rejuvenated the next morning. It is designed for people who need to wake up fresh from conquering their goals, and they need full energy for hustling the next day as well.

The Energise mattress makes sure that for the fight of tomorrow and the night sleep becomes your prep time by having adequate rest.

The anti-stress fabric is a unique technology that uses the power of carbon provides you with extremely comfortable night rest and gives great support on those pressure points.

The three zones active NRG layer is a unique feature that sets this mattress apart from the other ones as it disperses your weight on the mattress in 3 different areas making sure you get the absolute best balance of posture and comfort.

The carbon in the fiber repels the negative ions from your body while retaining the positive ions resulting in a deep and relaxed sleep.

Best but not the least, Qube cell technology gives it the fine-tuned balance of support and plush further making sure that you don’t get even an inch of disturbance during the time where your body heals and restores all of its energy. The Energise series is a bit on the expensive side, but given all the special features, it certainly proves to be a worthy investment.


  • Primary focus on energizing
  • Anti-stress fibre ensuring stress-free and relaxing sleep
  • Qube cell and 3 zone NRG layer giving the right balance of support and plush


  • Can be a bit high on a price for some

5. Duroflex Essential Mattress Review

If you are looking for something budget-friendly yet of quality, then Essential range mattresses are the ideal choice for you. Essential has all the quality, trust and features of a premium Duroflex mattress at a low-end range.

The Essential is the ideal mattress for your bedroom as it comes with high-density coir that gives the extra layer of comfort and protection, making sure your mattress stays durable for years to come.

Coir is a very well-ventilated material which makes the mattress cool, fresh and hygienic for longer periods. The three zones active NRG distribution makes the bodyweight dispersed in a way that makes you feel light as a feather.

The best part is you don’t have to spend a hefty load of money for all this, and you don’t have to assemble the mattress either which means it is ready to use making it one of the best products on this line-up, especially for bachelors or students.


  • Very affordable
  • Not a DIY mattress
  • Perfect for family
  • No compromise on quality


  • Fewer features compared to other mattresses.

Single Brand Review:


Duroflex provides such a large range of mattresses that there is something for everyone. Whether you are on a tight budget or you want to go luxurious or eco-friendly, this brand offers the right product that meets your needs.

The brand name of Duroflex means quality and trust. Trusted by the government of India itself, their products provide you with the same durability and reliability. These mattresses are made to give you a comfortable sleep experience without affecting your health. 

If you are a bachelor living alone, you can go for a Duroflex LiveIn; if you are looking to gift something to your parents for their backache you have the Duroflex Duropedic, Duroflex Natural is Living for all the eco-friendly people, Duroflex Essential for the perfect friendly man and Duroflex Energise for all the wall street types.

When it’s Duroflex, there is a perfect choice of mattress for everyone, and hence we can conclude that Duroflex is a perfect go-to choice if you are looking for a new mattress.

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