Kurlon Vs Sleepwell Mattress: Which One Is Better?

Kurlon Vs Sleepwell Mattresses

The eternal debate regarding the best mattress that provides ultimate comfort during sleep is nothing new. However, most commonly it boils down to Kurlon Mattress VS Sleepwell Mattress.

Kurlon and Sleepwell both produce a ton of variety mattresses in India. These companies, individually, offer spring, rubberized coir, and foam mattresses. Additionally, Sleepwell also manufactures other accessories such as mattress covers, pillows, comforter, etc. 

Therefore, towards reaching a closure to this eternal debate, let’s learn about the similarities and differences of Kurlon Vs Sleepwell.

Kurlon Vs Sleepwell Mattress: A Thorough Comparison

Kurlon MattressSleepwell Mattress
Single Mattress Dimensions72x36x5 inches72x35x4 inches
Item Weight 22.7kg22.8kg
Warranty 5 years2 years
Available Sizes147
ThicknessKurlon mattresses are often 4’’ to 5’’thick.Sleepwell mattresses are mostly 4.5’’ thick; some models even ranging to 8’’of thickness.
Customer Reviews Highly RatedModerately Rated
Price 19,600-22,000Usually more expensive than Kurlon and other mattresses
Transparency All of products’ detail and descriptions are fully available on their websiteProduct details and descriptions are not arranged and displayed properly on their website
Products ManufacturedMattresses, bed-sheets, pillows, pillow covers, comforters, mattress protectorMattresses and Pillows
Kurlon Vs Sleepwell Mattress

1. Material

The first factor we will consider in this battle of Kurlon vs Sleepwell mattresses is the material used to make the mattress. If we talk about the best coir mattress in the market, the name that pops into the picture is that of Kurlon.

While the current trend might be a little inclined towards advanced foam based mattresses, many people still prefer coir mattresses. These mattresses were introduced to India in 1962 and people have been loving their experiences of sleep paradise ever since.

On the other hand, Sleepwell brought the first kind of PU foam mattresses in India, which changed the way we perceived comfort during sleep. Let’s discuss about the differences in detail:

  • Spring mattresses: Kurlon has a wider range of spring mattresses in comparison to Sleepwell.
  • Rubberized coir mattresses: Both the companies offer a wide array of choices in case of coir and latex mattresses.
  • Foam mattresses: Both Kurlon and Sleepwell have an entire range of comfortable foam mattresses, however, people usually prefer Kurlon foam mattresses since they are believed to offer a therapeutic experience. They are also great for people suffering from orthopaedics issues.

Overall, when you consider the materials being offered by the brands, you would lean towards Kurlon in the battle between Kurlon and Sleepwell.

2. Firmness

kurlon mattress vs sleepwell mattress

Let’s talk about the strength and firmness of each of these mattresses. The core of Kurlon mattresses are made up of natural coir that gives them a natural spring effect. They are also arranged vertically which makes them soft yet sturdy.

The fabric used in manufacturing them is called polycotton and it adds another layer of softness to the mattresses. 

On the other hand, Sleepwell mattresses are made up of three layers at the core, to provide with the firmness that it requires. Added on with its smart technology, Sleepwell mattresses also offer relief to people with back pain.

Sleepwell mattresses are mostly made up of rubberized coir. You could say that in terms of firmness, Sleepwell comes out as the winner in the Kurlon vs Sleepwell battle.

3. Warranty

kurlon mattress warranty

The next feature we will compare in the Kurlon vs Sleepwell mattress duel is the warranty period. The easiest and most convenient way for any company to make their stand in the market is by providing their customers with a good warranty on their products.

This sort of helps to build the trust of people on the company and in return increases the company’s sales. Similarly, there is no other rule when it comes to buying mattresses. 

With the same strategy in mind, Kurlon offers its customers a 5-year warranty on its products. It means that the company can change or replace when and if something goes wrong with the physical features of the mattress.

On the contrary, Sleepwell offers a mere 2-year warranty which is relatively shorter than Kurlon. Therefore, this makes a huge impact on the Sleepwell VS Kurlon mattress, and people usually bend their preferences towards Kurlon for their longer warranty period. 

While a 5-year warranty may seem decent to some, there are brands that offer 10 and even 20 year warranties on their mattresses now. We’ve reviewed a wide variety of brands in our compilation of the best mattresses in India that may refer to.

4. Price

kurlon mattress vs sleepwell mattress price

The prices of each of these mattresses vary depending upon the type of mattress you wish to choose. However, Kurlon mattresses are usually much cheaper than Sleepwell mattresses, which also make them the most preferred one over any other mattress.

This price difference may be due to the underlying contrast between the two companies and also how they manufacture their mattresses. In this debate of Kurlon mattress VS Sleepwell mattress, it is important to mention how the price ranges of each of them have affected the decision of people.

This implies that the price of the mattress is directly proportional to the impact that a product creates on its customers. Hence, the higher the price, the lower are the chances of buying that item. Therefore, the customers’ choices in Kurlon VS Sleepwell mattress debate are pretty clear. 

Kurlon or Sleepwell – Which One Is Better?

Now, let’s delve into the customers’ experiences so as to form a clear opinion of the Kurlon VS Sleepwell debate.

According to multiple online business sites that commonly sell these products (take for example, Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Indiamart, etc.), Kurlon mattresses have better sales in comparison to Sleepwell mattresses. Therefore, Kurlon comes out on top in sales when we compare the sales of Kurlon Vs Sleepwell.

People have been recorded expressing that their choice of mattress is highly impacted by the fact that Kurlon mattresses are not only softer but provide better comfort, even to those who are suffering from back problems or are likely to acquire them, and are easier to maintain. 

However, to choose or not to choose completely depends upon the individual’s personal preferences. To sum up, let’s quickly go through the feature comparisons between the two, in short.

  • Kurlon:
  1. They are centrally dense mattresses that provide better back support.
  2. They use anti-skid fabric to avoid superficial sagging of the mattress.
  3. They have Helical border to support the spring from aging.
  4. 5-10 years of warranty available. 

Check our detailed review of kurlon mattresses to get a better insight of the brand.

  • Sleepwell:
  1. They are anti-bug mattresses.
  2. Good airflow technology on few mattresses,
  3. 2 years of warranty available. 

If this brand intrigues you, feel free to go through our comprehensive review of sleepwell mattresses.

To conclude, both mattresses have their own beneficial features and perks, and are widely popular throughout the country. However, people usually incline more towards Kurlon due to their affordable mattress ranges, which are also visibly beneficial to the health.

So, let’s say that keeping all the above-mentioned points in mind, one can easily go ahead and select their choice of mattress, depending upon their budget and comfort. But then, the Kurlon mattress also comes with 2 free pillows as an added perk, just saying.

We hope that this Kurlon vs Sleepwell mattress article has helped you decide between the two mattress brands. Also, for more mattress comparison, you can check out wakefit vs sleepwell brand analysis.

If you still have any doubts or queries regarding Kurlon or Sleepwell mattresses, let us know in the comments section below.


Sleepwell brand does have specialized mattresses for different sleeping positions, such as orthopedic or side-sleeping mattresses.

Kurlon brand does have eco-friendly options for mattresses, such as natural and organic materials.

Kurlon brand does offer mattresses that are designed to provide support for people with back pain. Still, it’s best to consult a healthcare professional to determine the best mattress for your back pain.

Sleepwell brand does offer a trial period for their mattresses, but the duration and terms of the trial period may vary depending on the mattress model.

Kurlon does make memory foam mattresses as part of kurlon’s product line.

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