Standard Mattress Sizes In India | Mattress Size Chart In India

Standard Mattress Sizes In India

We aren’t unaware of the fact that how important a good night’s sleep is for us. Moreover, our sleep is greatly affected by the mattresses we sleep on. People might know that a high-quality mattress is important for good sleep but it does substantially more than simply just that!

A good mattress takes away all our stress and anxiety, benefits our body and mind, and enhances the quality of our lives overall.

However, mattress shopping can be a little confusing. When we talk about mattresses, we don’t have the provision of “one size fits all.” Hence, people get confused while getting a mattress due to the difference in sizes, dimensions, styles and base materials.

To make things easier for you, we have discussed all the relevant data you need to get yourself equipped with while picking the best mattress in India. Let us first get an overview of the different standard mattress sizes available in India.

Standard Mattress Sizes In India – Mattress Size Chart India

Type of MattressDimension in Inches
Crib Size Mattress 39 x 75
Single Size Mattress 72 x 36
Double Size Mattress72 x 42
Queen Size Mattress 72 x 60
King Size Mattress72 x 72

1. Crib Size Mattress Size

Standard Mattress Sizes In India | Mattress Size Chart In India 1

Crib mattresses are usually chosen for a kid’s room. A majority of the bunk beds contain more than one layer. Moreover, families with more than 1 kid or twin kids prefer these cots. The normal size of a bunk bed is 39″ X 75″ inches.

These crib mattresses are made up of fabric or vinyl cover. Sleep quality and the safety of the bunk beds are 2 important factors to keep in mind while choosing a mattress for your kids.

2. Single Size Mattress Size

Standard Mattress Sizes In India | Mattress Size Chart In India 2

If you’re someone who lives alone, then a single bed size mattress is ideal for you. In addition, there is always an option for you to fit this mattress in your guest room as well. Normally, an Indian single size mattress comes with a dimension of 36″ X 75″ inches.

A single-size mattress is assumed to be perfect for a room measuring at least 10 feet by 7 feet. However, this mattress best suits teens and children. Also, if a person requires a little extra room for stretching while sleeping, this mattress might not be a good one for them due to its limited width.

3. Double Size Mattress Size

Standard Mattress Sizes In India | Mattress Size Chart In India 3

Double size mattresses are a perfect fit for couples or 2 members. The dimensions of a regular Indian double size bed mattress are 54″ X 75″ inches.

However, the Indian double size mattress can also come with slightly changed sizes like 72″ X 54″, 75″ X 54″, and 78″ X 54″. We can say that these mattresses are a distant cousin of Single-size mattresses.

Double size mattresses provide extra room for you to stretch at the time of sleeping while being carefree concerning the bed’s space.

These mattresses may also benefit the people who work from home. In these COVID times, almost everyone is working from home and this mattress tends to give you the comfort of your bed while working or studying.

4. Queen Size Mattress Size

Standard Mattress Sizes In India | Mattress Size Chart In India 4

Queen size mattresses are usually recommended for a room having dimensions of 10 feet by 10 feet. The standard queen bed size mattress measures about 60″ X 78″ inches. These mattresses are quite popular among couples or for a single adult requiring extra space for sprawling out while sleeping.

Queen size mattresses are also an amazing option for people who like to share their beds with their pets. An Indian Queen size bed can accommodate a couple along with their kid.

It is also considered a good option for your guest rooms as it is huge enough to accommodate a couple of sleepers at a time. Indian Queen size mattresses also come in dimensions like 78″ X 66″, 75″ X 66″, 72″ X 66″, and 75″ X 60″.

5. King Size Mattress Size

Standard Mattress Sizes In India | Mattress Size Chart In India 5

A King size mattress rules a master bedroom measuring 11 feet by 11 feet as it requires more space. The standard size of a king-size mattress in India is 72″ X 85″ inches, which is provided by many top-quality brands like sunday, flo, sleepycat, etc.

It is also available in dimensions like 72″ X 72″, 75″ X 72″, 72″ X 80″, 75″ X 80″, and 78″ X 80″. It is a notch wider than Queen XL mattress hence, it can accommodate couples along with their kid/kids.

The wide sleeping space of these mattresses guarantees minimal disturbances when you or your partner are someone who frequently changes their position while sleeping.

With a King size mattress, you get an option to split it into two halves where mattresses measuring 72″ by 36″ are placed together.

This option comes in handy for couples having different preferences for sleep comfort and body support on a mattress.

A King size mattress is considered to be the largest mattress of all other mattresses in India. Each partner, with enough sleeping and stretching space, can have his/her mattress to sleep peacefully without any disturbances on the same bed.

Custom Mattress Sizes

The sizes mentioned above come under the category of standard Indian size mattresses. However, a few of these won’t be suitable for few people. Hence, custom size mattresses are another category for you to choose from if you find the standard Indian size mattresses either too big or too small.

Apart from this, the “height” issue is another factor to consider here. People who are taller would require a larger mattress to prevent their legs from slipping out of the edge of the mattress.

Due to these reasons, custom size mattresses would be a savior in terms of your sleeping preferences as well as room size. Because of huge demand for custom size mattress, many mattress brands like duroflex, kurlon and wakefit has adopted to customised mattresses model.  

1. Queen XL Size Mattress

An Indian Queen XL mattress is the elder cousin of queen size. It is considered to be ideal for couples or people needing a lot of space to sleep peacefully and comfortably.

Even though a Queen XL mattress is suitable for a room measuring at least 10 feet by 10 feet, greater room size is usually preferred. A Queen XL size mattress is also an ideal choice for studio apartments and master bedrooms.

2. King XL Size Mattress

If you are someone who likes to keep it big or someone akin to sleeping in luxury, a King XL size mattress is the perfect fit for you. It is the largest custom-sized mattress available in India that can accommodate couples with their kids very easily and comfortably.

This makes the King XL size mattress an excellent choice for families. Tall people benefit a lot from the King XL mattress. Being a wider cousin of a King Size mattress, a King XL can also be split into 2 halves for the comfort of each of the partners.

It is usually considered a decent fit for a room measuring 11 by 11 feet. However, a bigger room might be better if you want to accommodate furniture space and spaces to move around.

3. Other Custom Mattress Sizes

Excluding these aforementioned custom-size mattresses, there are other options as well which come under the same category. A few of them are mentioned below –

MattressDimension in Inches
California King Mattress72 x 84
Single Extra Large Mattress39 x 80
Double Extra Large Mattress 53 x 80
King Split Mattress (2)76 x 80
Queen Split Mattress (2)60 x 80

What Should You Consider While Selecting A Mattress Size?

Buying a mattress can be considered a long-term investment with regard to your health. A lot of factors are required to be adhered to while choosing a mattress of your preference.

All standard size mattresses include all types of mattresses including memory foam, bonded foam, innerspring, hybrids, etc. But there are also certain other factors that you should keep in mind while buying one:

1. Who Is the Mattress For?

This is one of the most important factors to be considered while purchasing a mattress of your choice.

Whether you sleep alone or share your bed with someone, whether you are willing to share your bed with your kid/kids or pets- are few questions to look out for while picking a perfect mattress for yourself.

Mattresses like a king and California king mattresses can be crossed out from your list if you sleep alone and don’t like sharing your bed. In this case, you can go for a small-size mattress. A King XL or Queen XL would be an ideal fit as well if you like to have some sprawling space.

Couples can go for twin sizes, King or Queen sizes. Couples who love to sleep with their kids might benefit from a California king, King Size, or Queen Size mattress.

2. Size of Your Bed

bed sizes in feet india

Remember that your room doesn’t involve only your bed. You need to leave some room for furniture and movement. A bedroom is a place where you relax, rejuvenate, and crawl onto after having a tiring day.

An overcrowded bedroom might look chaotic and messy which can cause stress along with making it difficult for you to sleep. This is an important factor because your bedroom will determine the size of your mattress.

However, some people like to fill up a lot of space in their bedrooms with their mattresses while few prefer leaving space for stuff such as tables, wardrobes, bookshelves, etc.

Eventually, it is a personal choice. A measuring tape would be of great help to measure and decide on exactly how much space do you want for your bed according to your room.

3. Sleeping Habits Of The Sleeper

king size bed dimensions in feet india

Do you notice that the position in which you go to bed has a hell and heaven difference between the position you wake up to?

This is because every one of us has different sleeping positions. This sleeping position can vary from a back sleeper, side sleeper, stomach sleeper to a combination sleeper.

While there are specific type of mattress materials best suited to each of these types of sleepers, the mattress size plays an important role here too.

Body parts that require firm support to maintain spinal alignment while sleeping differ from person to person. Therefore, you need to choose a mattress that can help boost your comfort and avoid backaches or joint aches while sleeping.

Standard Mattress Sizes In IndiaFinal Words

Mattress shopping ought to be given a wise thought before coming down to selecting the ideal one. Just as the type and firmness of the mattress you choose play a significant role, the correct size of your mattress is considered to be of equal importance.

In order to optimize your comfort, space is crucial not only in terms of your bed space but also according to the aesthetics of the space in your bedroom.

Therefore, apart from factors like type, design, budget, etc one must give due consideration to the size and dimensions of a mattress while choosing one for themselves.

It’s you who have to maintain a balance between your room size, your budget, your body type, and your preferences to choose the best mattress size for yourself.


A queen-size mattress may be a good size for a guest room as it can accommodate most people comfortably.

A full-size mattress can fit in a small room, but full-size mattress may take up most of the available space.

A queen or king-size mattress is generally considered the best mattress size for a couple.

A twin XL-size mattress is typically intended for one person and may need to be wider for two people to sleep comfortably.

A standard size of a king size mattress is typically 76 inches wide by 80 inches long.

The difference between a queen-size and king-size mattress is that a queen-size mattress is larger than a full-size mattress, measuring 60 inches wide by 80 inches long.

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