SleepyCat Mattress Review – Luxurious Feel Yet Affordable!?

SleepyCat Mattress Review

We tend to believe that sleep is equal to your whole body and mind shutting down, but in reality, sleep is a necessary restorative process for our body.

It allows your body to repair, restore and rejuvenate. For some people, this restoration takes place in about 7 to 9 hours while some lucky people get away with less rest.

Your sleep is divided into REM sleep and non-REM cycle. This REM is a very significant phase of sleep as most of the repair work is done during this, and it helps your brain relax or process information better.

Not getting enough sleep leads to a cognitive imbalance in areas like speech ability, decision making, attention and focus. Staying awake for twenty hours decreases your alertness by 7.5%, and sleep deprivation leads to aggressive behaviour.

Thus you must ensure that you rest well at night for better life quality. Mattress plays an important role in getting good sleep, therefore you must start taking your sleep seriously and purchase the right kind of mattress for you.

Since you landed on our review, we will work on making sure that your mattress isn’t the reason for your black circles.

Looking for a good mattress is a daunting task, but SleepyCat got you in this department. SleepyCat has been a prevalent brand in the mattress market due to its great and durable products.

SleepyCat Mattress Comparison

SleepyCat OriginalSleepyCat PlusSleepyCat Latex
Primary MaterialMemory FoamMemory FoamLatex
Thickness6 Inches8 Inches7 Inches
Warranty10 Years10 Years10 Years
PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

SleepyCat – A Brief History About The Brand

SleepyCat Mattress Review

The word mattress comes from “materas” which means a fabric or cloth material used for sleeping. Heinrich invented the first innerspring mattress, and it took more than several decades for the world to accept his invention.

From that point, mattress evolved into different models, and the comfort grew with every step of the evolution.

SleepyCat mattress nailed its advances and became India’s first box mattress company. Box mattresses usually solve the storage problem smartly by rolling into a box which is one-third of its original size. Their customer base is extremely content and growing every day.

The company tries to simplify processes of purchasing mattresses by streamlining their products to provide better comfort, temperature control, durability and storage solutions. The unique and innovative concept of box mattresses boosted its popularity in the Indian market.

The involvement of intermediaries led to inflation of prices, and the quality of mattresses was nowhere near the price, but this is not the case with SleepyCat. They provide mattresses at affordable prices without any middle man.

The company is booming from its initial stages only and help its customers achieve their sleep goals. They contribute back to society as they donate mattresses to needy people. These are one of the few reasons why people can’t seem to stop fawning over SleepyCat products.

SleepingCat Mattress Buying Guide

SleepingCat Mattress Buying Guide

1. Overall Quality

Sleepycat mattresses are premium quality products that last you for decades. Their luxurious outlook and comfortable sleeping surface provide the most difficult of sleepers a good night rest.

They provide standardized products at an affordable range, and the best thing is that you can buy mattresses within the comforts of your home. Because of sleepycat’s mattress quality, standards and affordability it is often compared with sleepyhead, kurlon, wakefit, sleepwell, which are top mattress brands in India.

The company believes in providing a quality product and dealing with all of the customer’s needs. From baby mattresses to aloe vera treated pillow, they offer solutions and products for modern households.

Usually, their mattresses come with zipper cover, memory foam, high-density foam and breezy inner cover. We can assure you that the quality of these mattresses won’t make it to your worry list.

2. Types

SleepyCat Mattress Review - Luxurious Feel Yet Affordable!? 1

SleepyCat mattress offers three models of mattresses – Original Plus Mattress, The Latex Mattress and The Switch Mattress. All three product designs tackle with different age groups and needs.

The original plus mattress is a special orthopaedic mattress that relieves pain and allows you to have zero disturbance sleep. This mattress is one of the few budget-friendly orthopaedic mattresses available on the market.

The Latex mattress is a seven zone latex mattress made from superior quality latex and best suited for people with allergies or sensitive skin.

Last but not the least switch mattress allows you to decide your side of comfort. It is flippable and provides dual side comfort.

3. Certifications

SleepyCat is a very reliable brand with a good brand value in the market. They use high-grade materials while manufacturing the products.

Their mattresses don’t contain any nasty chemicals that might cause allergies. Their one of the two major products is Original and Plus mattress.

The Original mattress contains 5 inches of High-density foam and 1 inch of gel memory foam while Plus mattress contains 6 inches of High-density foam and 2 inches of gel memory foam.

They even offer products like baby mattresses which are 100% organic and free of any harmful chemicals. The mattresses use gel foam for breathability and to keep your body cool. As far as raw materials are concerned, you can go for SleepyCat without any worry.

4. Firmness

Your mattress mustn’t be too soft or too firm. As too soft mattresses make you sink in and give you sore shoulders as well as uneven sleeping patterns. On the other hand, firm mattresses don’t allow you to rest properly.

The firmness of your mattress directly affects your health and its significant that you carefully analyze your needs.

SleepyCat mattresses provide excellent cushioning for your body and take away any discomfort. They provide different models that deal with various needs smartly. Their mattress come in medium firmness that doesn’t give you an aching body and at the same time doesn’t feel like sleeping on rock as well.

5. Trial period

SleepyCat mattress company is truly mattress heaven as they live up to their claim with their premium mattresses. These mattresses are made from certified raw materials and have a thirty days trial period.

Although, the trial period is less compared to its competitors like sunday and flo mattresses, they offer a 100 day trial period. But, 30 day trial period is sufficient to test out the sleepycat mattress.

This 30 days long trial period is a reflection of how much SleepyCat believes in the quality of their product. SleepyCat allows you to select between different sizes and deliver at your doorstep without the need of any middle man. They place the customer’s needs and satisfaction before everything.

So if you are someone who is not sure with online shopping or their quality products and hesitating that you might receive defective products, then you can put those worries at rest. In case of dissatisfaction and defective products, you can get them exchanged immediately.

6. Sleepycat Mattress Price & Warranty

A warranty acts as protection for customers and assures good quality products. A good warranty period helps you in not being liable for defective products. Most companies don’t provide a long warranty period on their products to avoid hampering of their sales and products.

But as we discussed, SleepyCat believes in providing satisfaction to the customers through their products. Unlike other companies, SleepyCat prioritizes its customers over profits and thus provide a long warranty period over each product.

This warranty helps them to establish trust between the company and its customers. The SleepyCat mattress comes with a ten-year warranty, and it helps the customers to be more satisfied while investing.

After the warranty, let’s talk about sleepycat mattress price. Sleepycat mattress price for most mattresses is between 12k to 15k price range. These sleepycat mattresses are more affordable and cheaper compared to other mattresses available in the market.

SleepyCat Mattress Reviews

1. SleepyCat Original Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress (Queen Size)

Memory foam was developed for NASA aeroplane seats, but due to its amazing properties, it is now used in many everyday products. Your mattress boosts its deluxe comfort and gives you good sleep quality.

People have always loved the memory foam mattress for their superior comfort. Memory foam provides excellent support and makes sleeping an endearing task of the day.

They are also popular for being durable and budget-friendly. Sleep experts have conducted many studies, and these experts strongly support using memory foam mattresses for health benefits.

There are only a few companies on the market that provide good memory foam mattress, and SleepyCat is one of those companies.

They don’t even get hot in summers, and good ventilation prevents bacterial growth. It regulates temperature well and provides great cushioning for your back. It significantly improves the quality of your sleep.

Its ideal for every kind of sleeper whether you like resting on your stomach or sides, Sleepycat Original 6-Inch Memory Foam Mattress helps you to sleep like a baby. And not to forget it’s affordable, so you don’t have to cash out all of your precious money to have adequate rest.


  • Affordable
  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Temperature regulation
  • Long trial and warranty period


  • Not suitable for infants
Mattress Size Queen Size – 72 x 60 x 6 Inches
Mattress Firmness Medium Firm
Mattress Fill Material Gel Memory Foam
Foam Thickness 6 Inches
Special Feature Orthopedic, Zero Partner Disturbance

2. SleepyCat Plus Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress (Single Size)

Sharing bed with someone can be a nuisance if your partner has a different sleeping schedule, has difficulty sleeping or tosses a lot.

If you are tired of your partner tossing for the whole night and disturbing your sleep, then this mattress is your sweet catch for the night.

This mattress has a zero partner disturbance feature which means that no matter how much your partner moves, you can sleep in peace. This mattress absorbs the downward force without making the whole bed rattle.

The anti-skid base makes sure that it doesn’t so you don’t need to pay extra bucks to get mattress protector or non-slip pad.

And this fantastic orthopaedic mattress relieves any back or joint stress. So great on support and comfort, this product covers all the corners well. Some users have even claimed that this product took away their back pain.

The medium firmness is ideal for a good sleep as it gives you enough support while keeping the bed soft enough to make you cosy.

This product is great for people who suffer frequent allergies due to harsh chemicals as it does not contain any harmful chemicals. It even has good ventilation due to the superior quality of the foam and no bacterial growth.


  • Great support
  • Zero partner disturbance
  • Anti-skid base
  • Good impact absorption
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not ideal for people who like soft beds
Mattress Size Double Size – 72 x 48 x 10 Inches
Mattress Firmness Plush, Medium Firm
Mattress Gel Based Foam
Foam Thickness 10 Inches
Special Feature Orthopedic

3. SleepyCat 100% Latex Mattress (King Size)

Everyone want their beds to be cosy and look luxurious. Looking luxurious is a feature of latex mattresses, and this is why they are so popular with people who like to maintain an aesthetic appeal in their homes.

This latex mattress is extremely comfortable and ideal for people who have trouble sleeping at night. This product reshapes and aligns itself according to your body faster than any memory foam mattress.

It is eco friendly and does not retain body heat. SleepyCat latex mattress is durable and looks new for many decades.

The mattress provides tailored support and cushioning while keeping the surface even. It is 100% organic; there is no use of harsh chemicals during the manufacturing process.

Highly suitable for people who are sensitive to smells as owing to no off-gassing, these do not have any chemical smells that might give you allergies.

It uses seven zone support to relieve any stress and ease your pain points. We can even move ahead to say that it is a non-toxic and healthy mattress. With a thirty days trial period, you can judge the mattress performance yourself and get it exchanged if you receive a defective period.


  • Safe
  • Affordable
  • Good support
  • Eco-friendly
  • Great appeal


  • Might have impressions
Mattress Size Double Size – 72 x 72 x 6 Inches
Mattress Firmness Medium Firm
Mattress Latex Filled Foam
Foam Thickness 6 Inches
Special Feature Cooling, Orthopedic Support


We know that while living life, you stumble upon various life lessons and 2020 taught all of us that we need to start prioritizing our life quality above anything.

Your sleep plays a decisive role in determining the quality of life, and if you are having problems with your mattress, then SleepyCat is your go-to solution.

Their premium products come at an affordable price and not to forget that this is the company that does not compromise with quality.

A long trial and warranty period make these mattresses a good catch for every household. Their happy customers are also an assurance that you’ll be making a worthy investment.


Yes, sleepycat mattresses have a weight limit. Sleepycat mattresses can support weights up to 300 pounds per person.

You can use your existing bed frame with a sleepycat mattress. Sleepycat mattresses are designed to be compatible with most standard bed frames.

Not exact;y, but sleepycat mattress uses certiPUR-US certified foam in all of their mattresses. CertiPUR-US certified foam is made without ozone depleters, PBDE flame retardants, lead, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and phthalates.

Sleepycat mattresses can be cleaned easily. Most sleepycat mattresses are designed to be suitable for low-maintenance and can be easily cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

It typically takes 24-48 hours for a Sleepycat mattress to expand and reach its intended shape and firmness fully.

With proper care and regular use, a Sleepycat mattress can easily last for 8-10 years.

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