Wakefit vs Sleepwell Mattress: Which is Superior?

Wakefit Vs Sleepwell Mattress

Good sleep may do wonders for both the body and the mind. It can boost your immunity, enhance your focus, and keep you in shape and whatnot.

The mattress you sleep in has a huge role in this. In India, both the Wakefit and Sleepwell are two of the most well-known and popular mattresses available in the market.

However, deciding on the right mattress might be challenging as several factors must be considered, including material, warranty, size, comfort, and warranty. And it’s not even close to being complete; the list continues on and on.

So, if you’re not sure which mattress is superior, Wakefit vs Sleepwell, or if the mattress you’re considering will suit your sleeping style, keep reading as in this blog, where have evaluated and compared Wakefit vs Sleepwell in depth.

About Wakefit Mattress

About Wakefit Mattress

Chaitanya Ramalingegowda and Ankit Garg founded Wakefit in March 2016 as a sleep solution company to improve Indians’ sleep quality. It began as a memory foam mattress company before evolving into an online sleep retailer that sold mattresses, pillows, mattress protectors, and bed frames.

The Wakefit team focuses mainly on inventiveness in product development, production and cost efficiency, and outstanding customer service. As a result, Wakefit’s higher quality goods are 40% to 50% less expensive than those marketed by known companies.

Wakefit’s primary product now includes two types: an ‘Orthopedic Memory Foam Mattress’ and a ‘Dual Comfort Mattress.’

Additionally, its machinery is imported from the Middle East and Europe to ensure that the consistency and chemicals utilized are of the highest grade. Bengaluru is where the manufacturing takes place, and Europe is where the quality inspections take place.

Moreover, it is a Certi-PUR process (for foam) certified company, and the chemical it uses is Greenguard (an environmental institution dedicated to reducing human exposure to toxins) certified.

To save expenses, Wakefit uses a direct-to-consumer (D2C) business strategy. The firm is an e-commerce company, and all of its items are available on its website, as well as Flipkart, Amazon, and PepperFry.

Popular WakeFit Mattresses

Generic NameMemory Foam/ OrthopaedicDual Comfort MattressLatex MattressFoam Spring Mattress
Dimensions ‏182.88 x 182.88 x 20.32 cm198.12 x 152.4 x 15.24 cm198.12 x 182.88 x 20.32 cm190.5 x 182.88 x 20.32 cm
Weight ‏26 kg 500 g17 kg 500 g31 kg 600 g32 kg
Removable CoverYesYesYesYes
Delivered in a BagYesYesYesYes
Warranty10 years7 years10 years10 years

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About Sleepwell Mattresses

About Sleepwell Mattresses

Sheela Group is the parent organization that owns the Sleepwell brand. Mrs. Sheela Gautam started this firm in the year 1971, and her son Rahul Gautum handled the firm after it was founded.

Sleepwell is one of India’s largest and most well-known mattress companies. This brand is admired for its high-quality mattresses, which provide a restful night’s sleep.

Sleepwell mattress has been scientifically shown to provide a pleasant sleeping experience without causing the user any back discomfort or neck strain.

All of its mattresses are built to last longer and come with a good warranty period. The Sleepwell mattress brand was introduced as the group’s principal brand in 1994, shortly after the company was founded.

This firm has released a variety of mattresses throughout the years, each with its unique features and perks.

Before being shipped for the market, each Sleepwell mattress from the manufacturing unit is bound to go through a stringent regulation check. The company also offers several other items like pillows, back cushions, furniture cushioning products, and bolsters.

The brand consists of around ten production facilities spread across India and Australia. Furthermore, South Asia, New Zealand, Europe, and the Middle East are among the places where the company’s products are exported.

The brand’s mattresses are popular among the general public in India because of their low pricing.

Popular Sleepwell Mattresses

ProductSleepwell Starlite Discover_4Sleepwell Starlite Mega_Red_5Sleepwell Starlite Splendor_5
Thickness4 Inches 4 Inches 5 Inches
Dimensions‎182.9 x 91.4 x 10.2 cm182.88 x 91.44 x 10.16 cm‎198.1 x 121.9 x 12.7 cm
Weight‎7.52 Kilograms‎13.37 Kilograms‎7.79 Kilograms
Primary material‎FoamFoamFoam
Thickness‎4 Inches4 Inches5 Inches

To know more about Sleepwell Mattress and their most popular mattress, go through the article ‘Sleepwell Mattress Review

Difference Between Sleepwell vs Wakefit Mattress

Difference Between Sleepwell vs Wakefit Mattress

1. Materials Used in Sleepwell vs Wakefit Mattress

The first and foremost thing to take into account while comparing Wakefit vs Sleepwell is the material with which both are created.

Both mattresses are made with high-quality materials to provide a better resting experience and long-term durability. As a result, you must be concerned about the materials’ quality.

For producing the materials that go into its mattresses, Sleepwell employs NASA’s exclusive temperature-based technologies.

The NASA-engineered foam is temperature-sensitive. This function guarantees that you sleep comfortably and get a good night’s sleep. It also helps to lower stress levels.

Generally, a Sleepwell mattress has a thickness of 4-6 inches. It comes with three basic foam types, including Gentle layer, Firm layer, and Support layer.

The Wakefit Mattresses are constructed of superior quality memory foam that offers great support to your spine and back overall. The mattress’s next-generation memory foam conforms to the contour of your body, providing ultimate comfort and support.

Furthermore, Wakefit provides mattresses composed of high-density memory foam. The mattress, additionally, has an extra layer on top of the memory foam, i.e., the differential pressure zone layer. This particular layer aids with spine alignment and improves sleeping posture.

WakeFit is, without a doubt is the softest and the best medium-sized mattress available in the market. Its cover is made up of the highest quality quilted cotton.

The Wakefit mattress is available in 3 different heights, i.e., 5 inches, 6 inches, and 8 inches. The wakefit mattresses are available in three different foam types: Next Generation Memory Foam, Breathable Fabric, High Resiliency Support Foam, and CoolFit Cool Foam.

2. Who Makes More Comfortable Mattresses?

sleepwell vs walefit mattress

Comfort is yet again one of the important factors to consider while having a comparison on Sleepwell vs wakefit.

Since the memory foam in the mattress conforms to the contour of your body, the Wakefit Mattress delivers exceptional comfort as well as support. It’s also a medium soft mattress; thus, its softness adds to the overall comfort.

Additionally, Wakefit offers the finest cool foam. This is regarded as a type of proprietary foam technology that assists you in remaining cool while sleeping. As a result, this top-notch fabric lets you breathe well even in hot weather.

Now talking about the SleepWell Mattress, as it comprises foam, it will give great body support and a bouncing sensation.

The Sleepwell memory foam mattress’s air-mesh fabric increases air circulation, so there will be no problems with heating as well. Moreover, they aid in correct weight distribution, which necessitates keeping the spine straight and stress-free.

3. Mattress Sizes Available in Sleepwell vs Wakefit Mattress

Purchasing a mattress is a significant investment, not only in terms of money but also in terms of time, as you must research and narrow down from a plethora of options.

A decent quality mattress has a longevity of more than 7 years, and the improper size will leave you unhappy despite all of your efforts to get a new mattress.

Before you go to the shop or look online for a mattress, determine the size of the mattress you will need now, and shortly that will provide you with a night of good sleep. The mattress size guide below will give you a better idea of what is currently available on the market.

For Wakefit:

Single Size Double SizeQueen SizeKing Size
30 x 72 inch48 x 72 inch60 x 72 inch72 x 72 to 78 inch
Suitable for adults or kid’s room. Ideal for an average-sized bedroom of 9.5*10.5 feetSuitable for 2 sleepers or a couple or a young adultIdeal for couples or 2 people. Suitable for a bedroom of 10*10Fits perfectly in a room of 10”*12.5” dimension

For Sleepwell:

Single Size Double SizeQueen SizeKing Size
35 inch x 75 inch48 inch x 72 inch60 inch x 72 inch72 inch x 72 inch
Ideal for a single person or a bachelorIdeal for couples, 2 adults, 1 adult, and a kidIdeal for couples or 2 peopleIdeal for a couple along with their kid

4. Who makes more Durable and Cost Effective Mattresses?

wakefit vs sleepwell mattress

From several analyses and wakefit mattress reviews, we concluded that Wakefit mattresses are the obvious winner when it comes to durability.

Wakefit mattress layers are extremely robust, with each side of the bed supporting up to 200 kg of weight. As a result, a double bed mattress can hold up to 400 kg in total.

For greater stability and support, a suitable foundation is required for the Sleepwell mattresses. A mattress will be damaged sooner if the foundation is uneven.

Avoid sitting near the edges of both Sleepwell and Wakefit beds. Excessive weight on a mattress’s edges might compress the springs and cause thereby damaging both of the materials.

Anyone can see that Wakefit is the victor when comparing Wakefit vs Sleepwell along with their respective features to the price tags they’re offered for. 

The Wakefit Dual Comfort Mattress, for example, costs between INR 4600 and INR 4800. The Wakefit Memory Foam Mattress is also available for INR 5740-5900.

On the other hand, the Sleepwell coir mattress (benefits of coir mattress) costs approximately INR 6299-INR 6400 and has comparable characteristics. To sum it up, the Wakefit mattress layers offer sophisticated features and cutting-edge technology at a reasonable price.

5. Trial and Warranty Period of Wakefit vs Sleepwell Mattresses

One more important factor to consider while buying mattresses, which we often miss out on, is their warranty and trial periods. While we’re at Wakefit vs Sleepwell, let me tell you that there isn’t much of a difference in terms of trial periods as both offer a trial period of 100 nights.

However, when it comes to the manufacturer’s warranty, Wakefit is the winner as it comes with a warranty period of 10 years, whereas Sleepwell memory foam mattresses have a warranty period of 5 years.


With this, we have come to the end of our Sleepwell vs Wakefit comparison. Price is a major consideration from the consumer’s standpoint.

So, if you’re looking for a high-quality mattress with all the bells and whistles without breaking the bank, consider Wakefit mattresses. It’ll even help you if you have back issues.

Nonetheless, this isn’t to suggest that Sleepwell mattresses are any less or offer fewer features.  Sleepwell memory foam mattress is equally a big participant in the market, with thousands of happy consumers. Everything comes down to your preference and convenience. So, choose wisely!