What is Coir Mattress? What Are the Coir Mattress Benefits

What is Coir Mattress? What Are the Coir Mattress Benefits

One of the best ways to ensure a happy and healthy mind is to have a proper sleep cycle, which affects an individual’s physical, psychological and emotional well-being.

Sleep is also crucial to increase one’s productivity and vigor and therefore, lack of sleep may lead to anchor several ailments such as lack of focus, high blood pressure levels, depression, heart disorders, etc. Thus, every individual needs to get an uninterrupted good night’s sleep, and therefore, comes the role of a good mattress.

What is Coir Mattress?

Now, when it comes to mattresses, the current market has a wider array of different types of mattresses, varying in quality, thread count, raw material, and price range. Among them, coir, foam, and spring mattresses are the most popular household names.

The coir foam mattress is essentially made with a layer of foam at the top of a coir layer. The layer of foam usually differs in thickness, durability, and quality, and varies from mattress to mattress.

Coir mattresses are made up of coconut coir or fibers and hence, they are pretty environment-friendly. They are temperature-friendly and therefore, play a key role in keeping your body cool during summers and warm during winters.

Different Types of Coir Mattress

Coir mattresses can be typically categorized into two types:

Hybrid Coir Mattress: They comprise layers of coir as their primary raw material, along with other secondary materials such as latex or adjustable foam. They also offer appropriate ventilation to enhance rest.

Types of Coir Mattress

Rubberized Coir Mattress: These mattresses are usually manufactured by processing coir with a latex solution because coir fails to offer comfort while sleeping and therefore when combined with latex, these mattresses usually provide the ultimate comfort level. Also, they offer the advantages of orthopedics to assist the body by giving the bounce.

Additionally, the latex solution in rubberized coir mattresses also offers high resilience to the mattress. Although rubberized coir mattresses are naturally airy and offer great air circulation in the mattress, they do tend to sag quite easily.

Also, one must ensure to not get the mattress wet as it may lead to permanent damage and disorientation. Duroflex, Springtek, Kurlon and Sleepwell are some of the best known companies that offer Rubberized Coir Mattresses.

Coir Mattress Benefits

Let’s quickly glance through some of the key advantages of coir mattresses.

1. Hygroscopic In Nature

Hygroscopic In Nature

Coir mattresses have hygroscopic capabilities which easily make the best choice. To elaborate, the body releases moisture during sleep, which varies from person to person.

If the moisture is more, it may hamper sleep. Therefore, this is where the hygroscopic quality comes into use.

Since coir mattresses are manufactured with coconut coir, they are naturally hygroscopic and thus, offer peaceful and sound sleep.

2. Offer Perfect Ventilation

Coir Mattress Offer Perfect Ventilation

Often, while trying to get a good night’s sleep amidst the hot summer days, we toss and turn throughout the night trying to figure out our comfort, which leaves us restless throughout the next day due to lack of sleep.

However, coir mattresses are very well ventilated and hence, offer a maximum of airflow in and out.

This helps to keep the mattress cool for a comfortable sleep and also a sense of calmness which can improve the quality of the sleep.

3. Environmental-Friendly

Coir Mattress are Environmental Friendly

Considering the current global warming scenario, eco-friendly products are becoming insanely popular in today’s world.

In the case of mattresses also, people usually prefer coir mattresses since they are environment-friendly and made up of 100% natural fiber or coconut husk.

They are chemical-free and hence, good for the health and well-being of the person sleeping on them.

4. Allergy Resistant

Allergy Resistant Coir Mattress

An important thing to consider is that people usually spend a substantial amount of time sleeping and henceforth, the mattress is their best friend.

However, they are easily vulnerable to seasonal allergens and are also prone to get infected by bed bugs and dust mites that lead to a host of skin infections and other health ailments.

To sum up, it is highly imperative to keep the allergens at bay and secure the mattress. Coir mattresses are dust-resistant and therefore keep the dust mites away. They also help avoiding people from getting allergen and to stay healthy.

5. Added Support

Added Support with Coir Mattress

Since coconut husk is the primary raw material in coir mattresses, it offers strength and firmness to the mattress.

Also, coir has a natural bounce to it which helps to provide added support for the sleeper’s body, offering a comfortable sleep.

Coir mattresses are known to offer the perfect comfortable position to sleep in and allow the natural alignment of the spine. This means that they are especially beneficial for people who suffer from back pain.

6. Cost-Effective

Coir Mattress is Cost Effective

Who doesn’t love a good mattress that is also cost-effective? Despite numerous benefits of coir mattresses which provide the best comfort, they are cost-effective, which makes them the most preferred choice among people.

Coir mattresses are far more affordable in comparison with foam and latex mattresses. Interestingly, they also require less maintenance and care.

7. Durable

Coir Mattress are Durable

Coir mattresses are a lot more durable since they are made out of natural coir, which is known to improve their longevity up by a notch. Additionally, coir mattresses tend to sag when and if exposed to water and this is why special care must be taken.

Coir Vs Foam Mattress

The major differences between coir mattress and foam mattresses are as follows:

  1. A coir mattress is mostly made up of coconut coir which is a natural raw material, whereas, foam mattresses are mostly made from synthetic materials.
  2. A coir mattress may sag in a few years if not taken care of properly, whereas, a foam mattress does not last long.
  3. Coir mattress mostly provides firm comfort, whereas, foam mattress offers soft comfort. The comfort of a bonded foam mattress may depend on the secondary materials.
  4. Coir mattresses are cooler in summers in comparison to foam mattresses.

Is Coir Mattress Better Than Foam?

Both coir and foam mattresses have their unique pros and cons. However, keeping all the above-mentioned points in mind, it can be said that coir mattresses are better than foam mattresses.

Coir mattresses are a better option for hot summer days since they are cool and provide perfect ventilation to the mattress. They are also the perfect fit for people who are allergic to synthetic materials and who are likely to acquire back problems.

But here’s the thing. Coir mattresses are not better than memory foam mattresses since the latter provides better support to the body.

A coir mattress is also not better than latex foam mattresses because they are made up of medium-firm comfort and also last much longer. Latex foam mattresses, just like coir mattresses, are also made up of natural materials. 


To conclude, coir mattresses, with all of their unique features, are mostly preferred over other mattresses due to their environment-friendly, cost-effective and hygroscopic capabilities.

Coir mattresses also pose many health benefits such as keeping the body temperature cool during summer, offering a peaceful sleep, and good development of bones.

This makes them a perfect fit for younger people with developing bones. They also help in preventing spine-related problems and alleviate back pain in the elderly, if any.

However, coir mattresses are heavier than foam mattresses which make the latter portable. Apart from keeping all the seasonal allergens and the tendencies to get infected by bed bugs, dust mites, etc away, they have a longer lifespan and are easy to maintain and take care of.

Therefore, a coir mattress is not only best for your pocket but also very durable and possesses higher chances of getting you a proper, peaceful, and sound sleep.

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